Arrive Relaxed - Guaranteed When Using our Components

Comfortable travel or a sporty, dynamic driving experience. Up until now, drivers had to choose one of these variations in traditional suspension systems, therefore either accepting the disadvantages in vehicle safety or the limitations in vehicle comfort. Variable-active suspension systems actually combine contradictory properties in vehicles of the middle and upper class. Within milliseconds, the system evaluates the current driving situation and adjusts the damping force of each individual wheel accordingly in the best possible way.

As a specialist for high-tech products in the automobile industry, SCHERDEL offers its customers individually-developed, highly-precise compression springs (which maintain their spring properties for their entire service life) in order to guarantee the functionality of these modern, electronic damping systems. With very small tolerances and a high stability setting, these springs ensure an optimal valve control respective to the situation.

Get in and feel good. The seat suspension made of plastic and metal contributes to this comfort significantly. The use of specific material properties allows the construction of slim, mass-optimized seat designs with perfect comfort.

Virtually unlimited design options allow a high level of functional integration for various tasks. In the process, the simple assembly and the elimination of additional fastening elements top off the image of this cost-effective solution.

Seat spring mat made from a
plastic and metal combination