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In the field of welding components, SCHERDEL provides joining of wire, strip and tube material via MAG welding, WP welding or soldering. The resulting multi-dimensional structures therefore receive a function specific to the customer as well as their strength. By using tube materials, an improved rigidity can be achieved (in addition to increased stability) while at the same time saving material and reducing weight. SCHERDEL's expertise in surface treatment ensures the durability of components.



Interior, seating area, e.g. rear seat and backrest frames, side upholstery, arm rests, control lever



Tube lengths:
Tube diameter:
Wall thicknesses:
Iron wire in various metal grades and surfaces. Precision steel tubes according to EN10305-1, 2, 3 and 5
up to 4300 mm
up to 50 mm
up to 3 mm
Mastering all common welding processes such as MAG, resistance welding, soldering as well as orbital welding depending on the component requirement.

Equipment technology: CNC as well as tool-related bending technology for manufacturing individual parts. From classic robotic welding technology to highly efficient welding lines developed in-house.


Wire assemblies:
Tube assemblies:

Complex structures:
Seat frames, backrest frames, panel holder, upholstered lock bar, side upholstery
Tubular frame, control lever / towel bar, headrest bracket, centre arm rest, convolutions
Individual seats, self-supporting structures

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